Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy 4 months Sydnee

It's hard to believe baby sister is 4 months. With all we have been through I feel like she is 6 years old. She is doing really great. With one private occupational therapy session and one group session (birth to 3 class) a week, she is making great strides with her development. She is rolling to her sides and has great neck strength. She currently is sporting little wrist bands that keep her from tucking her thumbs in her hands so she is able to grab and reach for toys, which are helping, and which she is doing. All good things to report.

I try with all I have to remain positive, and in this moment. To not be fearful of what could happen. To be aware of it, but to live fearlessly, and remain so thankful and so very blessed to be where we are today.

Other family happenings...Sam is doing amazing with potty training. At school that is. He seems to revert to peeing in his pants the minute he walks in the house. He LOVES his big boy underwear though. All which have super heroes on them of course. I have learned my lesson about which underwear I buy him too. It must be the kind that have characters on the front and back. The ones with just characters on the butt he wants to wear backwards so he can see the character in the mirror. Its hilarious. I've learned that it is not worth the argument after many meltdowns for me to try and explain they are on the wrong way. I figure he'll just realize having a wedgie is not comfortable in due time.

Here are some pics we've taken monthly of Sydnee. Some of you may remember the one's I took of Sam. The first months pic I took of Sydnee I mirrored the ones I did of Sam during his first year to compare them. I envisioned doing this set for her whole first year pics too. Then when she got sick and was diagnosed I kind of stressed on the direction to go with the months ahead. Would she be able to play sports? I didn't want to take the pictures and have her look back at them like they were something I dreamed for her (to play sports) and have the fear that she wouldn't be able to walk/run/play (crazy talk). It sounds silly to type that out, but that's how I really felt.

So, I decided to take her monthly photo's like a living journal, what was important to her that month. I'm going to let her guide me. I can't wait to look back at these with her and explain to her why we took the pictures we did.

Sydnee 1 month old
Sam 1 month old

Sydnee 2 1/2 months. This doll (given by my aunt and uncle) helped us through some rough moments in the hospital. Sydnee LOVES this doll. 
Look, I can hold my head up! Getting strong!
Loves this toy. Can grab and put to her mouth. Also showing her wrist bands AND...that sweet, sweet smile.

Backwards, but SO proud!
Sibling love


  1. What a wonderful post full of love and positivity. The babes are beautiful and so are you, friend. xoxo from so cal

  2. Is she dressed like Wonder Woman in that 4 month pic?? That is freaking cute and I bet her super hero brother loves that :).

    Keep up the great progress, Sydnee!!


    PS - hope you're feeling okay today Bren ;) LYMI!!!