Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We have so much to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Family, friends, our home, and mostly our health, to name the big ones.

It amazes me to be able to say I am thankful for all that I have been through. I am thankful for the struggle of being able to find myself after being in a dark place. For trusting fate, and having faith.

During the time of when Sydnee was having episodes and we didn't know if the medicine would work I didn't think I was ever going to be able to return to myself. I actually questioned if I would ever be happy again (insert Grammy yelling "Crazy talk!"). The feelings I felt during that time are hard to put into words. To try and put it simply, my head and my heart felt extremely weighted...heavy.

These experiences with Sydnee have made me feel things that I don't know if I would ever have felt in my life had she not been born. The experience of such raw and strong emotions. It has been eye opening on so many levels. I feel it has made me a better person, friend, and mom.

We received the results of Sydnee's latest EEG. It was marked "improved." This is such a relief and so amazing to hear. Her EEG showed no signs of seizure like activity and no hypsarrhythmia (a pattern associated with IS). This is what we always want to see. She will continue to have EEG's about every two months for the time being. She continues to be on two seizure medications that she takes twice a day. We are told she will mostly likely need to stay on at least one seizure medication indefinitely.

The doctors continue to tell us we are not out of the woods with Sydnee's health. In this moment, right now, I am thankful to be walking through the woods, and not at a standstill. We continue to move forward.

Here are some other moments I am thankful for that happened over the past couple weeks...Happy Thanksgiving!
First fort!
"Can I hold baby sister?!"

Check out the "flair" Sam added to baby sisters play mat :)
Death grip on spidey and the balloon
So crazy cute


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  1. OMG your blog is so fun to read Brenda! SO much to be thankful for, for sure! Love ya! Morgan